Subscription Box Insanity: My Subscription Addiction Quarterly (Sep. ’14)


Quarterly box packaging

A Quarterly Co. box is here! As the name implies, these subscriptions only come in every three months, prolonging the anticipation with the promise of the “cream of the crop” for sub boxes. (And starting at $50 a box and up, the expectation is that they will be!) One of the other foundations of Quarterly Co.’s model is that the items in the box are hand-selected by a celebrity curator. There are football players and chefs, bloggers, actresses, and fashionistas.

I currently have Quarterly subscriptions for Arianna Huffington, Eva Scrivo, Nina Garcia, and today’s curator, My Subscription Addiction (Liz Cadman). According to Quarterly’s bio for her:

“Liz Cadman started My Subscription Addiction as a way to keep track of all the emerging subscription boxes, and help others find out what they could expect to receive from any box. Two years and hundreds of boxes and reviews later, Liz has become the subscription box expert.”

Liz’s site is a wonderful plethora of boxes I could neither afford, or perhaps would never pay for, but for which I still get to peek inside and share in the surprise. She also offers her site users a swap site which functions in a very orderly and well-mannered fashion considering it’s mostly based on “scout’s honor”. I had to join the waitlist to get access, but once I made it off, I’ve found that I’ve loved being a member. I’ve swapped some items I didn’t like for items I loved and there is a sense of camaraderie amongst the swappers which, even if we never do swap again, results in cute post cards and other freebies often being included in a swap. Too, with Liz having the point of reference of hundreds of boxes, you can be pretty sure her own curated box will be a hit – it sold out almost immediately and I was glad that even without a discount, I was one of the lucky few who was able to get her first box.

THE DETAILS: This subscription is priced at $50 a quarter, including shipping. Quarterly Co. delivers worldwide and typically doesn’t charge for the box until it is ready to ship/being shipped. They have a 100% money back guarantee and will send you a prepaid return label if you contact customer service and request to return your box and its contents. One other thing to note is that when a new curator comes out, the company often provides a code for $10 or so off the first box – but only for a very limited time. Quarterly Co. has 100% money back guarantee so you can contact them to get a prepaid return label.


My Subscription Addiction founder note

With the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. boxes, Nina actually has her own branded tissue paper and everything comes wrapped in it so it’s a really a treat to unbox. This isn’t the case with the MSA box, but like I said, it’s Liz, so I’ve got a good feeling. As you can see, Quarterly Co. boxes always include a curator note in its classic blue envelope. I usually skip over this until the end but it is definitely worth looking through because it typically is a note with personal thoughts and sentiments about each of the items selected by the curator. I did shuffle through it long enough to notice that unlike some curators, Liz opted to list the retail price for each item so it’s easy to figure out if you’ve gotten value for your box fee.


First look

Here’s a picture of the first look upon opening the box. Everything is full size and I see a nicely colored scarf which, since it is fall, I’m already super excited about! I don’t recognize all the brands but am looking forward to reading up on everything in Liz’s note and via online browsing.


Tatcha facial powder

This Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder is a full size item that has a retail value of $65. Liz listed this as a spoiler for the box, so I knew it would be in there and am curious to try it. I know that Liz likes organic, chemical-free, etc. products and though I am very loyal to a brand called Jurlique, I’m willing to branch out. Tatcha has a whole skincare line and when I went online to explore further, I was able to take a quiz which recommended a suite of products to meet my skincare needs. Given the price, we will start with this item and then see if it’s worth making the switch.


Bonus coupons

Liz’s own rule is that if a free trial/item requires you to input credit card information to activate it then she doesn’t count the value of that towards the box.  Ditto for coupons offerring a percentage off. That resonates with me so I’ve also been implementing it in these reviews. Following her own rule, she has provided these coupons as bonus items and what you get are: 1) 75% off a pair of boots at JustFab, 2) 20% off at Fig & Yarrow, and 3) a deluxe travel size Camellia Cleansing Oil by Tatcha. I did attempt to use the JustFab coupon but found that not only did I have to sign up for their VIP subscription service to use it, but signing up for this service would have gotten me 75% off anyhow. So I didn’t complete my order. As for the Fig & Yarrow coupon, shipping from their Colorado location was quite expensive and the more you ordered, the more expensive it got. Despite seeing some really crave-worthy items, I also opted not to purchase from the site. And as I’m still on the fence about buying more Tatcha products, I’m holding on to their coupon…at least until it expires on 10/31/14.


Bath scrub…smells delicious!

The next item is a full-size body scrub by Fig & Yarrow. It retails for $48 at their site and is a product targeted for exfoliating and smoothing cellulite. Might I add that when I opened this box, it smelled heavenly and I chock a lot of that up to this scrub. I like the smell of coffee but don’t normally gravitate towards it as a scent for bath/body products but the combination of it being a luxurious scrub with possible cellulite-fighting properties (I am on a weight-loss journey after all) made it a win for me.


Lip Gloss

Yet again, Liz pleases with another full-size item: Juice Beauty’s Reflecting Gloss. She notes that this lip gloss is one of her favorites because of it’s ingredients and for the fact that it isn’t sticky like some other glosses. Subscribers received this in a variety of colors; I got it in Pink which apparently made it a hot commodity on the swap site. It retails for $15.


All-natural candle

This was the other item in the box that made it smell so wonderful! Made by a company called Raw Naturals, Liz picked a very fall-scented candle called Chai Latte. It contains a wooden wick, is made without paraffin wax, and the spicy aroma is an all-natural scent. This candle is listed as the “small” version on the site but at 5 oz. it is not a tea light! It retails for $24.


Scarf in lovely fall colors.

The final item in the box was this Simonetta Infinity Knit scarf, which I received in navy and purple/deep red. I could not find a comparable item by this company online so I will take Liz at her word that this would retail for $25. I was really pleased with the color I received.

In tallying the value of this box, I arrived at a total worth of $177. That’s more than triple the original box price and all items were full size. Huge!! Hats off to Liz for such a great box. She’s set the bar high not only for other Quarterly curators but also for herself. Can’t wait for box 2 to come in November…just in time for the holidays! Ok, now to go enjoy my new bath scrub!


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