Subscription Box Insanity: The Rockettes Fancy Box (Sep. ’14)

Rockettes Fancy Box - First one.
Rockettes Fancy Box – First one.

So a former co-worker of mine introduced me to the joyful insanity of subscription boxes, for which I am still deciding whether to hate her for. Being a sucker for a series of any type (just wait until I start reviewing books!), I was instantly hooked! My first experience was with Bezel Box; truth-be-told I wasn’t too big a fan of what I received. But from that purchase I learned the importance of either being all in or choosing boxes that are returnable/refundable.

My next foray into subscription-land was the wonder that is Stitch Fix! I should be getting my next Fix in November, so stay tuned until then for a review.

I also purchased a few boxes from Social Bliss, Golden Tote, and Treatsie but decided I wanted to try a few other box types. Not having unlimited resources, I opted to cancel/hold on those (for now).

My current line-up of subscription box services now consists of the aforementioned Stitch Fix, Bark Box for my pampered Doberman Wednesday, the French Box, and Quarterly boxes from curators Nina Garcia, Eva Scrivo, My Subscription Addiction, and Arianna Huffington. Also, the box I’m reviewing today: The Rockettes Fancy Box!

Anyway, on to the show! This is the first box from the Rockettes line and I’m a dance fanatic. So even though this box is non-refundable/returnable, I decided to give it a try. Life is about risk, after all!

THE DETAILS: This box retails for $39 plus shipping, and ships worldwide. It is non-refundable. Total cost for me was $46.95. Inside, Fancy promises that the retail value of the items they send will exceed the cost paid. Besides the sheer joy of getting a surprise in the mail, this is the appeal of most of these boxes. The items in this box will be dance, fashion, and beauty…all hand-selected by the Rockettes. Yippee!

First look. The envelope includes an invoice but it isn't a card with an item list.

First look

This is the first look, upon opening the box. I really like how a lot of these subscription boxes have branded paper, etc. In my opinion, these details add to the experience and I often save the wrappings for future shipping needs.

M3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So I’m super excited to see this item because I had been thinking about purchasing one for awhile. And it’s white, which next to silver, is my favorite color for electronic gadgets. Online I saw the price for this ranged up to $29.99.

Carry-all bag.

Carry-all bag

So cute! I truly love the slogan printed on the bag and will get a lot of use out of this, particularly because it’s pretty roomy! On the other hand, I’ve yet to meet a bag I didn’t like. (One of my old nicknames used to be “Turtle” because I could never be found without a back-pack full of “stuff” nearby.) This one is retailing on for $18.

Legwarmers and Hair Ties

Legwarmers and Hair Ties

A dance box wouldn’t be complete without some legwarmers, no? These are black and textured, made by American Apparel and retail for $18. I do barre and have other dance workout DVDs so I think these will come in handy…or I might just swap them! I’m not a huge fan of black clothes because in my neck of the woods, black is the standard work-wear color. So I like my other clothes to have a bit more zing to them!

Closer shot of hair ties.

Closer shot of hair ties

Speaking of zing, these hair ties are super cute! I’ve seen this style a lot in the stores but have been too lazy to actually buy any. Apparently, it’s paid off! These are by Twistband and different sets seem to retail for around $12.

So it looks like the grand total value for this box is around $77.99. Not too bad for a first box, purchased sight unseen. Looking forward to Box 2 next month. My experience is that it can be hard for these services to keep their value up but I’m hoping the Rockettes will teach me not to be such a naysayer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you are interested in buying one of the subscriptions, use the links provided. Referrals can often net us both a discount or credit of some sort. Don’t you just love win-wins? -smile-


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