#PurpleYourPet: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Wednesday stands in solidarity: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Wednesday stands in solidarity: #PurpleYourPet

Pets are often beloved members of a family. They love so unconditionally and can be a bright spot in hard times.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in solidarity with Live Your Dream.org, the subscription box company Petbox, teamed up to put together a special box from which some of the proceeds would be donated to help women and girls live their dreams, including survivors of violence.

Each box contained a purple bandanna, and pet owners were asked to snap a photo of their pet and post it to Twitter and Facebook with hashtags: #PurpleYourPet, #DVAM and tagging PetBox and Live Your Dream. The goal was to raise both funds and awareness.

Domestic violence affects partners of both gender, children, and pets, too. Abuse of a pet is often one of the first signs of the abusive nature someone has.

As well, some victims of abuse may not leave an abusive relationship because they often can’t take their beloved pet with them to a shelter. Or are worried about what will happen to that animal if they leave.

There has been a lot of news items discussing the nature of high profile instances of domestic violence in the professional sports world. However, more often than not silence is a hallmark of those suffering through domestic violence and abuse. Wednesday and I hope that we can do our part to be a voice and resource for those who currently are too afraid or in danger to speak up, or may someday find themselves faced with this situation.

If you would like to take action to help those in harm’s way, please visit this site and click on “Take Action” to learn more.

Thank you, dear readers, for tuning in!

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Subscription Box Insanity: BarkBox vs. Petbox (Oct. ’14)

W doing some product testing.

W doing some product testing.

In case you are tuning in for the first time, let me introduce Wednesday, my slightly spoiled fur-baby who is, in reality, a four-year-old Doberman Pinscher. She is beloved, that’s for sure!

To prove it, I’m putting her two (two?!) subscription boxes- BarkBox and Petbox– head to head to see if a clear winner will emerge. (Though who am I kidding? She will probably continue to get both. -sigh-)

I will actually also be reviewing a special, limited edition Petbox that I ordered on its own, later this month. So stay tuned for some doggy goodness that is also doing good for a cause I really believe in. #spoileralert

On to the show!

See my other Petbox reviews here and my other BarkBox reviews here.

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Subscription Box Insanity: Bespoke Post (Oct. ’14)

One man's subscription

One man’s subscription

Oh happy day! My husband’s very first subscription box has arrived! How did this occur?

We had a funny “old married couple” moment the other day. I had just been reading up about Bespoke Post and wondering if it might make a good candidate for a box for husband. Lo and behold, the next morning as he is making the two of us breakfast (he’s such a good hubby!) he holds up his phone and says I think I’ve found one I’d like to try…Bespoke Post!

My husband doesn’t take a shine to much…he doesn’t have the shopping bug like me. So of course I immediately signed him up. He is camera shy so there his hand is with his first box. His comment about this picture was that perhaps he (his hand) would be “discovered” and soon he would be traveling around the world as a hand model. As his agent, I’m the best person to contact about booking him. ;o)

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Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

Book cover

Book cover

I recently joined a book club, figuring that it was probably a no-brainer to combine socializing with reading. Although now that I think about it, one of the great things about reading is that it is a solitary pursuit, and thus dear to an introvert’s heart. Hmm…

Well so in any case, I’m trying something new and will let you know if it works out. The nice thing is that I do have a friend who is joining me in this pursuit. So the appeal of getting some hang-out time with someone I actually like may help me get over any other shortcomings that sharing my reading experience may prove to have.

Our book club is going to be focusing on New York Times bestsellers and the book chosen for this month is Anthony Doerr‘s All the Light We Cannot See. It is fiction, and runs on a timeline from approximately 1934 through mostly 1944/the end of WWII. There are a few chapters that track the characters beyond that, but they are more conclusion segments versus the meat of the book.

My husband and I are huge history buffs, particularly that of the WWII-era and the Civil War. I’ve never read any of Mr. Doerr’s books, and had no idea what this one was about when I received notice that it had been chosen for October. However, I was very relieved to find myself immersed in a story based during this time frame.

I think the point of book reviews, besides the feelings of empowerment that waxing poetic on the written word inspires in book nerds like me, is to pique the interest of other readers without giving the ending away. Maybe? I don’t know, so I’ll err on the side of caution with this one and try not to spoil things too badly. Continue reading

Subscription Box Insanity: Little Lace Box (Oct. ’14)

Little Lace Box

Little Lace Box

I’m very excited about a new(ish) subscription called Little Lace Box. Their motto is a box that is “for women who know they’re worth it”. A very tall order!

I missed out on LLB’s September box, which included some beautiful home items that I totally lusted after. I couldn’t purchase the box after the fact but was able to sign up for October’s box which promised to get a girl party ready. With the holidays coming up, this is a perfect theme to focus on. Can’t wait to see what this month’s box holds in store for me! Continue reading

Subscription Box Insanity: Birchbox Doubleheader (Sep. & Oct. ’14)

Birchbox monthly

Birchbox monthly

Birchbox is a pretty popular box and since it has such a low price point, I figured it was worth a shot to try it out. I was actually turned on to it because I saw their limited edition Fall Fete box and purchased this monthly box alongside it.

As you’ve probably noticed, I am sort of up to my ears in subscription boxes lately so that was one of the reasons I opted to do a Birchbox doubleheader and review September and October’s boxes at the same time.

The other reason was that for most of these boxes, I’m giving them about three months to demonstrate their value to me. So I figured actually looking at several month’s worth in the same post might help you and I both figure out if it’s a “do” or a “dud”! Continue reading

The Midwest Is On Track For Its Strongest Year In Startup Investing As “The Rest” Rises

Though I haven’t lived there for nigh on a decade, I still consider myself “Midwestern born and bred”. (As if saying things like “nigh on” doesn’t give it away!) Still whenever I meet a transplant, we always reminisce and then note that it’s a great place to be “from”. This article indicates that perhaps that is changing. At the very least there may be better ways to get home for a visit besides driving across the state that never ends (a.k.a. Ohio).

Subscription Box Insanity: French Box (Oct. ’14)

French Box: First Box!

French Box: First Box!

Today’s review is for a subscription service from French Box . France was my first European adventure, way back when I was a wee teen facing down my first international flight.

When I first read about it, I was so excited to try this box out because it promised to include some very well-known French fashion and make-up brands. Being a tad bit obsessed with all things fashion- and particularly open to that of an international flavor- this seemed like it could be a great subscription. So far I loved the first box I received and am looking forward to seeing what this follow-up box will deliver!

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Subscription Box Insanity: Glossybox (Oct. ’14)

Glossybox is here.

Glossybox is here.

Groupon recently ran a promotion where you could get a discount off of one of their longer subscriptions. I didn’t have a true beauty box in my subscription line-up and this seemed like a good deal to give one a try, so I jumped on it.

I opted for the three-month plan and received a discount of $15, for a total purchase of $45. I received two of September’s box due to a packing error on Glossybox’s side but even so, I wasn’t super thrilled with my first box. Here’s to a better October!
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Women at USMC School of Infantry

My family has had someone serving- almost continuously, if not continuously- in the armed forces from WWI to the present day. We have equal amounts Army and USMC vets. (And one, lone Air Force guy that we don’t talk about much…j/k).

My mother really did wear combat boots as a WM (Woman Marine), though obviously in her day, Infantry was not an MOS open to her cohort. This article is short, only intended to scratch the surface of this topic, but it got me to read and follow this blogger, who will hopefully post some other gems that I can share/reflect on. (He also shares some other military-related blogs that he thinks are underrated in this same post, so you can check those out, too.)