Subscription Box Insanity: Julep Maven (Oct. ’14)

Julep Maven box

Julep Maven box

So I have been getting notices for awhile now for the Julep Maven box. I just hadn’t “bit” because I’m not really a nail polish fanatic and that’s the focus of this box. Julep has their own product line and though it includes skincare and other items, the main focus is the polish. But after I received yet another coupon allowing me to get a free box (shipping was $2.99), I guess they finally wore me down and I opted in. (See my other Julep reviews here.)

When I did go to sign up, I realized that Julep actually has themed “welcome” boxes- such as Boho Glam. So for your first box, you aren’t necessarily getting the regular monthly experience- which allows you to select from a couple of choices. Later, I also found out that Julep will often put out special welcome boxes, such as a Halloween-themed one. I managed to miss out on a special welcome box as well. Feeling a little less excited at this point, but hope costs nothing, so here we go!

THE DETAILS: The Julep Maven box costs $24.99 per month and you typically get two polishes and a beauty product of some sort, based on some preferences you fill out when you join. You also get a short window each month to make some selections for the next month’s box. This box ships throughout the U.S. and Canada and shipping is included in the price. It is non-refundable but every six months Julep will give you a “skip” option to skip a box.

First look

First look

Normally I’d pick a box more on the “classic” or “glamorous” side. Which is exactly why I picked “Boho Glam”, figuring that I wouldn’t have anything of this style. Here’s the first look of my Boho Glam welcome box.

Coupon & Inspiration

Coupon & Inspiration

The box came with some printed materials including this inspirational notecard and a 50% off my next purchase coupon. I may end up using this! (But it won’t count towards total value, of course.)

Cuticle cream

Cuticle cream

The first item I received was this Julep brand cuticle cream pen retailing for $28. It gets mixed reviews on their site but it does look pretty classy so I’ll have to think about whether to keep it or swap it.

Natalia - Boho Glam

Natalia – Boho Glam

The first polish in this box was called Natalia and was described by Julep as a refined copper metallic. I like this color…but I already have a copper penny maxi-glitter that I adore. So this is going up for swap. Retail price for this is $14.

Alice - Boho Glam

Alice – Boho Glam

The final item was a polish called Alice. It is described as an antique lilac shimmer. Again, a pretty color but also one for which I have similar shades. Le sigh. This also retails for $14.

Ok, so it’s true that I wasn’t super pleased with this box. However, given that I paid $2.99 for a box with a total retail value of $56, it’s still a bargain. And there is a silver lining, at least for Julep. They reeled me in with the 50% off coupon and I also had my interest piqued by their Halloween-themed Mystery Box. So I purchased the Mystery Box (coupon doesn’t apply) as well as an add-on manicure maintenance set (coupon did apply). I’ll probably also at least stay on board for my next monthly, just to see what it’s like. So even if I can’t speak for their welcome box, they’ve certainly made some money off of me and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will blow me away with these next few purchases!


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