Living a “Health-Full” Life

Sometimes it takes some kind of pain to help you realize where you’ve gone off-track in life. I’ve had lots of warning signs of late that I haven’t been as good to my physical shell as I perhaps should have…and now it is starting to show.

It’s not that I’ve abused it per se. Rather, I think I failed to prioritize physical health and wellness in favor of convenient and timely choices that allowed me to put my efforts elsewhere, namely work. Seems like a justifiable choice in theory but as one friend sagely put it, she is “good to her body, [because] she hopes it will be good back to her”. Lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition and little exercise have all taken their toll and now it’s starting to show in the achy knees, tight-fitting clothes, poor skin/hair health and constant fatigue.

So here’s what is going to happen. Priorities are going to shift and I’m going to battle against a pre-disposition to slipped discs and diabetes because I don’t want to live the painful half-life of many who have preceded me. And frankly, while I like what I do, I don’t love it enough to continue living to work.

Thankfully, I’ve been very blessed to secure a position that has given me several hours back that I would normally spend on commuting. So I’m going to take advantage of these hours and institute a regular but more gentle exercise regimen: yoga, ballet barre, Pilates, and distance walking. I emphasize the “gentle” part because in the past, you would have seen me running, taking a boot camp, or engaging in some other high intensity activity that honestly I’m not sure my knees (at this weight) would probably support. I’ve also noticed that perhaps from chronic stress, high intensity activity actually makes me feel more stressed and fatigued these days. So perhaps it’s time to listen to what my body is saying and take things slow for once.

Taking this longer view on my life, I have high hopes that I will succeed. However, only time will tell; so stay tuned for future updates on my progress. And good luck to those of you who have also challenged yourself to something and are working through those challenges alongside me…I’d love to hear about your updates and successes as well!


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