Subscription Box Insanity: The Rockettes Fancy Box (Oct. ’14)

Rockettes Fancy Box - First one.
Rockettes Fancy Box 

 Just dance! When I came downstairs this morning I was very excited to find the second The Rockettes Fancy Box! I had a few errands to run before I could open it, so I stashed it inside while I did my running around. (See my review of the first box here.)

Before I left, I did take in the condition of the packing box and was a bit dismayed to see that it looked like it had been wrung through the ringer (and it felt pretty light). So I’m hoping that nothing was lost or damaged in the shipping process. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.


THE DETAILS: This box retails for $39 plus shipping, and ships worldwide. It is non-refundable. Total cost for me was $46.95. Inside, Fancy promises that the retail value of the items they send will exceed the cost paid. Besides the sheer joy of getting a surprise in the mail, this is the appeal of most of these subscription boxes. The items in this box will be dance, fashion, and beauty…all hand-selected by the Rockettes. Yippee!

First look. The envelope includes an invoice but it isn't a card with an item list.

First look

This is the first look, upon opening the box. I really like how a lot of these subscription boxes have branded paper, etc. In my opinion, these details add to the experience and I often save the wrappings for future shipping needs. On the other hand, this box doesn’t come with a personalized note or item list, detailing each item, it’s price, etc. (The envelope only contains a shipping list with a quick summary of the goods as a line-item.)

Ultra Mod Hand Chain

Ultra Mod Hand Chain

Courtesy of

Courtesy of













So here’s the first item out of the box. Hmm…I think I know what this is? The tag has it listed as an “Ultra Mod Hand Chain” and it has a Fancy company tag. I went online and saw that it retails for $25 on I snagged a picture from their site (sorry, it’s a little racy!) that shows what it is supposed to look like. I have metal allergies so even if I was hip enough to pull this look off, I wouldn’t be able to wear it since it’s just gold-tone. Also, the bracelet comes fully closed so you have to unbend it to open it and it was very stiff when I attempted to do so. Perhaps someone out in the swap world will jump on this.

Hair jewelry

Hair jewelry

It’s hard to see from the picture, but this is a cute, silver-toned and faux mother-of-pearl piece of bun jewelry. Kind of like a mini tiara with horizontal teeth that allows you to push it in to a finished hair bun. I could totally see why this would appeal to a young dancer. Unfortunately, here again I can’t see myself pulling this off. The Kitsch Deco Bun retails for $24.

Gold metallic tattoos

Gold metallic tattoos

Ok, so I’m possibly too old for this item as well but I’ve been reading about these gold metallic tattoos lately and have been secretly wanting to try one out. Each of these are smaller than a quarter, so it’s possible that I could get away with wearing one out and about on a beach vacation or a girl’s night. This item is produced by DCER and retails online for 5 Euros, or approximately $6.31.

Knit cap and wristlets.

Knit cap and wristlets.

The final item in this box is this charcoal gray ski cap and wristlet set. It is embellished with faux marcasite mini-jewels. The tag says these are 100% acrylic and they are by a company called echodesign. I tried to find this item on their site- or any other site- but could not find it for sale. If I had to guess at what I’d pay for it, I’d say $19.99. It’s a cute item but of very thin material and I could see this getting snagged and/or not really having a lot of staying power through a full winter.

So it looks like the grand total value for this box is around $75.30. That’s less than the first box, and honestly I felt like cuff and hair item were both over-priced by about $10 each. If that’s the case, then I just barely broke even, including shipping. Add to that the fact that maybe only two of the four items were actually ones I’d use and I’m feeling a bit disappointed by this second box.

My experience is that it can be hard for these services to keep their value up and it looks like that may be the case with the Rockettes Fancy box. I will have to think hard about whether to continue my subscription. What do you think? Is third time the charm?



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