#PurpleYourPet: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Wednesday stands in solidarity: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Wednesday stands in solidarity: #PurpleYourPet

Pets are often beloved members of a family. They love so unconditionally and can be a bright spot in hard times.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in solidarity with Live Your Dream.org, the subscription box company Petbox, teamed up to put together a special box from which some of the proceeds would be donated to help women and girls live their dreams, including survivors of violence.

Each box contained a purple bandanna, and pet owners were asked to snap a photo of their pet and post it to Twitter and Facebook with hashtags: #PurpleYourPet, #DVAM and tagging PetBox and Live Your Dream. The goal was to raise both funds and awareness.

Domestic violence affects partners of both gender, children, and pets, too. Abuse of a pet is often one of the first signs of the abusive nature someone has.

As well, some victims of abuse may not leave an abusive relationship because they often can’t take their beloved pet with them to a shelter. Or are worried about what will happen to that animal if they leave.

There has been a lot of news items discussing the nature of high profile instances of domestic violence in the professional sports world. However, more often than not silence is a hallmark of those suffering through domestic violence and abuse. Wednesday and I hope that we can do our part to be a voice and resource for those who currently are too afraid or in danger to speak up, or may someday find themselves faced with this situation.

If you would like to take action to help those in harm’s way, please visit this site and click on “Take Action” to learn more.

Thank you, dear readers, for tuning in!

PS: For some additional details about the box…

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This special edition box was $9.95, including shipping. Total value was about $14.58. Here’s what we got:

Special box goodies!

Special box goodies!

Besides the bandanna, we received a few of Wednesday’s favorites including another sample pack of the Evanger’s Whitefish food and a Water Buffalo Ear chew, and these’ Smart N’ Tasty Salmon treats.

Purple Bandanna

Purple Bandanna

Water Buffalo Ear Chew

Water Buffalo Ear Chew

Evanger's pet food sample

Evanger’s pet food sample

Smart N' Tasty Salmon treats.

Smart N’ Tasty Salmon treats.


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