Subscription Box Insanity: Birchbox Mystery Sample Packs (Oct./Nov. ’14)


Mystery Sample Pack

So with orders over $35 at Birchbox, you can get a “Mystery Sample Pack” for free with your order. You have to remember to add it to your cart before you place your order though. If you forget, contact Customer Service…I did this and they both added it for free and shipped it separately for free. Now that’s customer service! You can also purchase the sample pack for $10.

Here’s the sample pack from my October order:


Dr. Hauschka and Obliphica samples

To be honest, it was a bit underwhelming. It included these two pillow pack items. The first one was a small sampling of Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Serum and of this line’s Day Cream. The retail value of the serum is $3.64. The value of the day creme is $3.26. The other pillow pack item was Obliphica’s Treatment Hair Serum, with a value of $0.96.


Beauty Protector and Vasanti Deluxe samples

I made a few purchases from the Birchbox site and received these two deluxe samples for November’s Mystery Pack.


Hair mask

This is a deluxe sample of Beauty Protector Protect and Treat hair mask. It has a retail value of about $3.24.


Vasanti Facial Cleanser

There was also a deluxe sample of Vasanti’s Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser. This sample has a retail value of $3.20.

In doing a quick tally, these samples come out to around $14.30. That’s less than what I would have paid ($20), had I paid. But since I didn’t well, c’est la vie! At least now you know what kinds of samples you might get in one of these mystery packs!


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