Subscription Box Insanity: The Rockettes Fancy Box (Nov. ’14)

Rockettes Fancy Box - First one.
Rockettes Fancy Box 

 Just dance! I was very excited to receive the third The Rockettes Fancy Box! It was much heavier than past boxes, so I was very eager to check it out. (See my review of the September box here and the October box here.)

I was going to use this third box to make the decision as to whether to keep the subscription or not, but of course there was a Black Friday sale at Fancy, so I opted to get a fourth box at a discount.

Speaking of Black Friday sales, check out My Subscription Addiction’s Subscription Box Black Friday “Round-up”. Some of the discounts end today but many will continue throughout the weekend.


THE DETAILS: This box retails for $39 plus shipping, and ships worldwide. It is non-refundable. Total cost for me was $46.95. Inside, Fancy promises that the retail value of the items they send will exceed the cost paid. Besides the sheer joy of getting a surprise in the mail, this is the appeal of most of these subscription boxes. The items in this box will be dance, fashion, and beauty…all hand-selected by the Rockettes. Yippee!

First Look

First Look

This is the first look, upon opening the box. Unlike other boxes, this box doesn’t come with a personalized note or item list, detailing each item, price, etc. (The envelope only contains a shipping list with a quick summary of the goods as a line-item.)

Evo Essential's Kit

Evo Essential’s Kit

So here’s the first item out of the box. It looks like quite the nice little kit! Made by Evo, the “Calm” Women’s Essentials Kit, came very prettily packaged. I’ve never heard of the brand but according to their site, their items are “sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results”. Sounds very intriguing and I can’t wait to try this set! It has a retail value of $30.

Business Cards/Holder

Business Cards/Holder

The next item I pulled out was this set of 15 “business cards” with card case. The cards say “I drew this for you” and allow you to draw something and I guess, give it away to someone. I’m not sure I would ever use these- in a business setting or otherwise- but I have quite a few creative type friends out in Silicon Valley…perhaps this will make them a great holiday gift! I found this retailing for $4.

Rockettes Mug

Rockettes Mug

Finally! I figured that the Rockettes had gear and it looks like some of it finally made it into one of their boxes. I can never get enough mugs so I’ll be keeping this one around. It retails for $14.95.

Vanity Plate

Change Tray

Next up was this neat little change/ring tray by Blue and Cream. It has an inspirational message courtesy of fashion great Coco Chanel and retails for $18. (Excuse the bubble wrap…I was thinking of gifting this so didn’t want to tear it out of the packaging. It is actually a milk glass patina with black writing.)

Rockettes Gym Bag

Rockettes Gym Bag

The final item in this box is this black, Rockettes Master Class bag. This is not for sale on their site, or anywhere else that I can find, which implies to me that this is a giveaway for those who actually attend the Rockettes’ Master Class. I think that’s kind of cool! Since I can’t do any research around this, I’m going to estimate value at about $20.

So it looks like the grand total value for this box is around $86.95. That’s more than the last box and even better, I feel like I actually got items that I will use or gift. This subscription has been a little hit and miss…I’m definitely looking forward to the fourth box to help me decide if this will be a keeper!


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