#GivingTuesday: Fort Washington…a National Treasure

The vistas of Fort Washington, MD

The vistas of Fort Washington, MD

There are many causes and missions that inspire me to support with both time and funds. As I am sure it is with all of you, dear readers. Still, I’ve appreciated  the advent of #GivingTuesday as a lightning rod reminding people that the holiday season brings not just great sales, but also moments of love and reflection on the people and ideas that matter the most.

My husband and fur-baby are two such beings in my life. One of our favorite places to spend time together is an old, 19th-century fort in Maryland called Fort Washington. There’s not a day we go-winter, spring, summer, fall-that we don’t see people there. But it’s not over-run with hordes of tourists (probably one of the reasons why I love it) so it also, I think, struggles to warrant the federal funding necessary to truly maintain and/or rehabilitate it. Should I ever win the lottery, I would like to change that.

But until such time, I’d like a moment of your day to ask that if you have a few dollars to spare, you’ll make a donation to this beautiful, national park.

Right now you can’t do it online. But if you are sending your holiday cards, maybe you can jot off a card and some monies via snail mail. Here are the instructions and direction:

The park is able to accept direct donations. If you are interested in donating directly to the park, please contact the park manager at (301) 763-4600. We are unable to accept donations online at this time.

Donations may be made out to National Park Service and sent to:

Fort Washington Park
13551 Fort Washington Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744

Thank you for #GivingTuesday…and throughout the year!


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