Subscription Box Insanity: The Rockettes Fancy Box (Dec. ’14)

Rockettes Fancy Box - First one.
Rockettes Fancy Box 

 Just dance! I was very excited to receive the fourth The Rockettes Fancy Box! This one felt light, like two of the last three so I felt a bit of trepidation about possibly feeling disappointed. (See my review of the September box here, the October box here, and the November box here.)

I was going to use the third box to make the decision as to whether to keep the subscription or not, but of course there was a Black Friday sale at Fancy, so I opted get this fourth box at a discount.

Speaking of Black Friday sales, I’m wondering what the after Christmas sales will look like for boxes. Typically the better sales are after Turkey Day but here’s hoping. For those who are interested in seeing if there will be deals, let me direct you to My Subscription Addiction’s site to stay tuned.

THE DETAILS: This box retails for $39 plus shipping, and ships worldwide. It is non-refundable. Total cost for me is normally $46.95 but with the Black Friday discount I got it for $39.15. Inside, Fancy promises that the retail value of the items they send will exceed the cost paid. Besides the sheer joy of getting a surprise in the mail, this is the appeal of most of these subscription boxes. The items in this box will be dance, fashion, and beauty…all hand-selected by the Rockettes. Yippee!

First Look

First Look

This is the first look, upon opening the box. Unlike other boxes, this box doesn’t come with a personalized note or item list, detailing each item, price, etc. (The envelope only contains a shipping list with a quick summary of the goods as a line-item.) I see some interesting things in there; can’t wait to dig in!

New York Guide Book

New York Guide Book

The first item in the box is this Phaidon Wallpaper City Guide of New York City. I actually have been to New York several times this year, which is several more times than I expected. I did a lot of the touristy things several years back but this guide looks like it may have some great new tips. That is, if I’m not out trying to find and befriend Taylor Swift. (If you are reading this, I would love to be your friend for a weekend and hang out/do cool, Taylor Swift things in New York!) Ok, I digress…so this retails for $9.29 and is the 2014 version. Even better!

Rockettes Gift Set: View 1

Rockettes Gift Set: Outside View

Gift Set: Inside View

Rockettes Gift Set: Inside View

Gift Set: Compact & Lipstick

Rockettes Gift Set: Compact & Lipstick

The next item I pulled out was this Rockettes Red Signature Collection gift set. It includes a branded compact and lipstick in the Rockettes’ signature red shade. I didn’t realize this until I went looking for it, but it is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue and was originally retailing for $50. (But you can now get it for $30). Wowza!

Amano Studio Earrings

Amano Studio Earrings

Next up are these really cute, delicate 24k gold-plated studs. The are shaped like little lightning bolts and are made in California by Amano Studio. They actually have quite a few really cute pairs of earrings, so I may have to return. These retail for $22.

Rockettes Scarf

Rockettes Scarf

The last item in the box was this Rockettes branded scarf. It is cute, but is more the style for a teenager…which I am not. It will be up for swap and retails for $37.95.

So it looks like the grand total value for this box is around $99.24. That’s actually more than the last box, though there are fewer items. I did feel like I got a few items I actually like so now I’m pretty torn about whether or not to continue this subscription. What do you all think, should I make it fifth?


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