Subscription Box Insanity: Bespoke Post (Dec. ’14)

One man's subscription

One man’s subscription

Oh happy day! My husband’s Bespoke Post has arrived!

Hubby doesn’t take a shine to much…he doesn’t have the shopping bug like me. So of course when he decided that he wanted to sign up for this subscription, I was very supportive.

So far he’s loved the boxes that he’s opted in to. (See reviews for these here.) Being camera shy (as am I), there is his hand with the box. When he saw this picture, he laughed and said that perhaps he (his hand) would be “discovered” because of it and soon he would be traveling around the world as a hand model. As his agent, I’m the best person to contact about booking him. ;o)

Okay, so on to the review of the Highlands box!THE DETAILSBespoke Post is a monthly subscription box that caters to men. According to their website, they “scour the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear”. They then put together two, themed boxes each month and the subscriber can choose one or the other, or to skip that month’s offerings entirely. This works just fine for the hubby, who actually isn’t a big fan of surprises and is always poking around looking for the holiday/birthday gifts. The monthly fee is $45, which includes shipping costs. Bespoke Post ships to the U.S. and Canada, as well as military addresses if you email them first. Their site is very man-friendly. Honestly, the language is just way more straight-forward and “guy-speak” then some of my subscription box sites. I actually prefer it, myself. They do accept returns of whole boxes within 30 days of an order placed in the continental U.S.; you can choose either a store credit or true refund, less a $6 restocking fee. They will also pay return shipping and the entire box must be returned in mint condition.

First Look

First Look

Here’s the first look. My husband chose the “Highlands” option which is still available. He really took a shine to the scarf that came with this box and the price was definitely right!

Gilded Age: Charcoal w/ Ash Stripe

Gilded Age: Charcoal w/ Ash Stripe

Scarf View 2: Courtesy of Gilded Age

Scarf View 2: Courtesy of Gilded Age

This scarf pretty much makes the box for hubby and I. This particular color option of the Gilded Age 100% Mongolian Wool Scarf is not available as a box option any longer but you can still buy it on the Gilded Age site. It retails for $125!

Port Products Trial Set

Port Products Trial Set

The next item he pulled out was this trial set of Port Products Grooming Items. It includes a moisturizer, shave cream, and cleanser. He’s pretty wedded to his chosen skincare items so likely these will get swapped. Retail value of this set is approximately $28.

Paine Products: Balsam Incense Sticks with Holder

Paine Products: Balsam Incense Sticks with Holder

The final item in this box is Paine’s Balsam Fir Incense Holder and Incense. It smells great but we aren’t much for incense so this too will be gifted or swapped. This has a retail value of $4.

Like I said, this scarf pretty much made this box. So even though we probably will swap out the other two items, we both feel pretty pleased. Total retail value for this box is $157. Considering that we only paid $45 for it, that’s some great bang for the buck!

What do you all think of this box?


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