Subscription Box Insanity: Stitch Fix (Jan. ’15)

Stitch Fix Outfit Guide

Stitch Fix Outfit Guide

Stitch Fix was actually one of my first subscription box services. I still love it, but I am both very picky about my clothing, and also happen to have a ton of clothes in general. So I now only receive a “fix” every other month. This review is of my January fix. (See my other Stitch Fix reviews here.)

For this month’s fix I opted to be completely surprised. So I’m looking forward to seeing what my stylist has in store for me.

For those who have very sparse closets, this is definitely a service I recommend as it seems like Stitch Fix maintains quite an extensive collection of items. For the completely fashion-clueless, there are even style cards (see the picture to the left) that show you how to wear various items in each fix!

THE DETAILS: I don’t know if it is still the case, but there is usually a bit of a wait list before you receive your first “fix” after signing up. Once you are in the rotation though, then your fix comes like clock work on the cycle you specify. I believe you can get a fix as often as every 2-3 weeks, monthly, or in my case, every other month if you so choose. The initial cost for subscribers is $20, which serves as a purchase credit of sorts that will be used towards the purchase of whatever item(s) you choose to keep from the selections made for you. However, if you don’t choose at least one item to purchase, you are not refunded your $20 “styling fee”. Based on a questionnaire that you fill out with both style/price preferences and sizing, as well as any Pinterest, etc. profiles you link to your file, as well as actual requests, your personal stylist selects 5 items and/or accessories to be a part of your fix. The fix is shipped to you, you have three days to try on the items, and then anything you don’t want you can ship back in a pre-paid envelope that is included. If you buy all the items in the fix, you get 25% off the total cost, plus your $20 is applied as a purchase credit. (I have yet to get a fix in which I wanted to keep all five items, so I typically only buy one or two to keep costs down.) You indicate to Stitch Fix what you are keeping via an online survey that asks you what you thought about various elements of each item in the fix (color, style, fit, price). Once you submit the survey, you are automatically charged for the items you chose and expected to send the rest back in the mailer. (If you don’t, I believe they later charge you for all the rest.) Supposedly your responses to each survey help your stylists better determine what you will like in future fixes. This service is only available in the U.S.

One other thing to note is that often the items you are sent seem to come via wholesale sources so while the brands are recognizable and/or can be found online, you often can’t find the exact item for sale. So prices listed are the ones provided by Stitch Fix.

Here’s my first item:

41Hawthorn: Emilia Plaid Print Pencil Skirt

Mystree: Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top

This Mystree Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top was buttery soft and I really like the colors. But it was also rather boxy and I was a little confused by the block of navy blue at the top mixed with the black lace and then royal blue bottom. Also, it was paper thin, so would require an undershirt. Stitch Fix seems to be sending me a lot of clothing of this cobalt/royal blue coloring. I know it’s an “it color” but one can have too much of a good thing. Plus, I have purchases I’ve made on my own that are this color. This top is listed at $58; that seems rather steep.

Daniel Rainn Dixon Eyelet Detail Blouse

Daniel Rainn: Dixon Eyelet Detail Blouse

The next item is this Daniel Rainn Dixon Eyelet Detail Blouse.  I like the color and it’s not quite so sheer. However, that eyelet section at the top is completely unlined (i.e. you see skin when you put it on) which strikes me as a bit weird for a long-sleeved top of this style. I suppose this could be worn in summer with a strappy tank? This top is listed for $74 which is actually kind of astounding. Definitely not sold on it.

41Hawthorn: Emilia Plaid Print Pencil Skirt

41Hawthorn: Emilia Plaid Print Pencil Skirt

I love pencil skirts and own many. The sleeker silhouette looks great on someone as petite as I am and they can often be dressed up or down for work, etc. very easily. I also really like patterns and plaid. But this one by 41Hawthorn Emilia Plaid Print Pencil Skirt…it’s hard to tell from the picture, but it is a plaid that includes yellow, navy, and brown. Honestly, the word “icky” comes to mind. It is listed for a price of $64.

Eclair: Tanner Pleat Detail Split Neck Blouse

Eclair: Tanner Pleat Detail Split Neck Blouse

All is not lost! When I pulled out this blouse I internally squealed. This Tanner Pleat Detail Split Neck Blouse by Eclair is a lovely, lilac-fuschia color that is like nothing I currently own in my closet. Point one in its favor. It also looks like it could work well with both jeans for brunch, as well as tucked in to a gray or black skirt suit to liven it up. And look! The list price is only $34. Definitely a keeper!

Coffeeshop: Iona Houndstooth Coat

Coffeeshop: Iona Houndstooth Coat

The last item in my fix is a coat! Stitch Fix has never sent me a coat before. By Coffeeshop, it’s the Iona Houndstooth Coat. I do like the color and pattern, as well as the flirty ruffle on the bottom. Though you can’t see them in this picture, it has really nice, shiny, gunmetal buttons! The retail list price for this is $54, surprisingly not the  most expensive item of the five. However, when I tried this on, the pattern was just a smidge too overwhelming on me. I’ve got another coat with a smaller houndstooth which works much better. Ah well!

So it looks like there was only one item I felt definitively drawn to. I will plan on using my $20 credit on the Eclair blouse. Score!

What do you all think? Which items do you like or would you have kept?


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