Subscription Box Insanity: Fabletics (Jan. ’15)



I’ve been curious to try Kate Hudson’s Fabletics subscription- a subscription for athletic clothing and accessories- for awhile now. Given that I’ve made a renewed commitment to health and activity, it seemed like an auspicious time to try it out.

Can’t wait to see how these stack up to some of the items I’ve been able to get at other athletic clothing brands I shop (Lululemon and Athleta). Also can’t wait to see if some new gear will help inspire me to push forward in the days and weeks ahead! (See my other Fabletics reviews here.)


THE DETAILS: Every month Fabletics releases a group of new outfits. As a VIP member, your subscription allows you to choose one outfit at the VIP prices, which start at $49.95 and go up from there; shipping is included. This subscription ships to the U.S. and Canada. You have the option to select an outfit pretty much any time of the month and/or as long as it is still available. However, if you don’t see anything you want, you only have between the 1st and 5th of the month to opt out completely or else you will be charged for the month. If you forget, then you can either select an outfit for that month or you will be given a credit to use for future purchases. You can also mix and match pieces from the different outfits but be careful because you may end up spending much more if you do it that way. Also, refunds or exchanges are accepted within 30 days from the date of shipment if they are in new, unused condition with original packaging. You’ll get either a credit or you can ask for the funds to be sent back to your credit card less a re-stocking fee.

Fabletics Desio Top

Fabletics Desio Top

My first item is the Fabletics Desio Top in this neon and dark gray color combination. It’s a really soft material that feels less like workout clothing and more like a comfy t-shirt. I’m actually a bit afraid how this will hold up in a wash/dry cycle and about snagging. The website recommends all items be washed/dry on gentle cycles so something to keep in mind. This item sells regular price for $39.95.

Sydney Capri

Sydney Capri

When I saw these in the January release I knew I had to get them. It is the Fabletics Sydney Capri in this great black, neon, and animal print pattern. The only thing I wish is that these came in petite but as they are capris, I know they won’t hang too long on me. Regular price for this is $59.95.

Austin Wrap: Black (View 1)

Fabletics Austin Wrap: Black (View 1)

Austin Wrap (View 2)

Fabletics Austin Wrap (View 2)

Fabletics Austin Wrap (View 3)

Fabletics Austin Wrap (View 3)

I really loved this item when I saw it online. It’s the Fabletics Austin Wrap in black. However, it’s a bit hard to puzzle out in terms of wearing. It has a set of snap fasteners on the long ends and you can wrap it around the back but it’s still pretty long. Some of the pictures online show the model bringing the fastened ends up over her head like a hood. Regular price for this is $49.95.

Fabletics Salar Short

Fabletics Salar Short

The last item I picked out is a pair of Fabletics Salar Shorts. This is also a new pattern for January and clearly I’m a fan! Regular price for this is $39.95.

For this first order I bought a hodgepodge of pieces versus one of the outfit combinations that was offered. I received my outfit pieces at the VIP member price, plus I had an additional 15% off discount code so paid a total of $114.82. That’s not too far off the mark for some of their pricier (typically three-piece combinations) but even with the additional discount, I still paid about $2 more per piece than had I stuck with one of the available outfits. TIP: If you want to maximize the pricing structure of this subscription, stick with the outfit combinations and don’t buy a la carte, even as a VIP.

As for the value tally, well the four pieces at regular price have a total listed value of $189.80. As noted, with the discount I only paid $114.82. As well, I find that I do like the quality of the pieces, and certainly the style, so all in all I feel like I got a good deal.

What do you think? Do any of you also subscribe to Fabletics and if so, can you share feedback on how the pieces hold up over time? Would love to hear from you!


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