Subscription Box Insanity: Golden Tote Mystery Clothing Totes (Jan. ’15)

Mystery Golden Tote: Accessory

Mystery Golden Tote: Clothing

Golden Tote was one of the first subscription services I tried. However, I wasn’t sold on the items I received and the normal tote is an all or nothing kind of deal, so I sent it back.

Fast forward almost a year and I got wind of the Golden Tote Mystery Totes that come out in January. This year they also had accessory totes that went super fast!

Luckily I’m a master planner who rarely misses out on a good deal. I was able to get two Mystery Totes totes (one in Medium and one in Large) and am presenting you with my “haul”.

(See other Golden Tote reviews here.)

Here we go!

THE DETAILS: The Mystery Golden Totes come out in January and there are both accessory versions and clothing versions. The clothing mystery tote cost $60 plus shipping, which was $7.95. (I placed two orders that included 2 clothing totes and 3 accessory totes and spent a total of $15.90 on shipping.) Accessory totes were to include 3-4 items and clothing totes were to include 4 items, one of which was a brand new item and the other three that came from past Golden Tote releases. Mystery Totes are final sale.

The regular Golden Tote service comes in two versions: one that costs $49 plus shipping and one that costs $149 plus shipping. The $49 tote allows you to select one item from that month’s new release items and then Golden Tote will include 1-2 more “mystery” items that together provide a collective value of $200. As for the $149 tote, you are allowed to pick 2 items from the line-up (and there are usually more extensive options than the lesser tote) and you receive 3-5 more mystery items that together provide a collective value of $600. Totes are returnable but it is all or   nothing, you return the full tote or you keep the whole tote. If I remember right, you are refunded everything except shipping costs. (If I am wrong, please contact me to correct.)

Golden Tote notes that, “working with carefully selected fashion brands and designing our own fashion favorites, we curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom tote bag for one amazing price”. Most notably they include items from Puella, a brand often sold at Anthropologie.

Here’s my first item:


Paper Crane Cardigan

None of the items in the mystery totes came with actual tags so it’s hard to know what brands they came from. (And even when I know, they aren’t typically found for sale online.) So I am doing my best on estimating value for some of them. This tribal-pattern Paper Crane Cardigan is one-part frumpy and two-parts sooo cozy! Not my typical style but I actually really like it! Estimated retail value (based on a similar item) is  $48.


Wasabi + Mint Fringe Maxi Dress

Next is a Wasabi + Mint Fringe Maxi Dress in black. I’m not a huge fan of fringe on anything. However, I think the fact that this is a monotone black makes this slightly “less” in my eyes. (A good thing, in my estimation.) I found a similar looking dress online but this one seems to be just a smidge higher quality so I’m going to estimate it’s retail value at $35.


Puella Swing Tee: Gray

This Puella Swing Tee is made of a thin, thermal-textured material. It’s not my normal style but it is comfy. I found a more sophisticated version at Anthropologie; estimated retail value for this simpler one is about $35.


Cut + Sew Blouse

This Golden Tote Cut + Sew Blouse is from Golden Tote’s own line. It’s a pretty print and I love the lace detail but I don’t like how short it is. I’m estimating retail value at $25. 


Renee C. Graphic Kimono

This is a Renee C. Graphic Kimono. It is very colorful and very sheer. I honestly don’t so much mind the color scheme but I’m not super in to these open tops that just sort of hang; it will likely go up for swap. This has a retail value of $48.


Miss Love Sweater

Next up is a teal and navy sweater by Miss Love; the back is slightly longer than the front. I’m not a fan and it will be swapped. I couldn’t find anything from this brand online. Estimated retail value is $35.


Puella Swing Dress

This Puella Swing Dress is interesting. It’s a heavier, knit material with charcoal gray and white stripes. I’m not sure if I will keep this or swap this…it’s a little borderline for me. I found a similar dress that was retailing for $60.


Puella Swing Tee: Ivory

This is another Puella Swing Tee but in a slightly different texture and color. Again, a comfy top though it requires an undershirt as it is very thin. Estimated retail value is $35.

Ok, so all said and done I paid $127.95 for my two clothing Mystery Totes. The total retail value of all my items, based on my research and estimation, is $321. That’s actually not too bad. However, many of these items are not really my style and do seem to be the “end of season” leavings. Given that, I don’t think I will be getting a Mystery Tote in future.

Thoughts? Do you think I estimated appropriate retail values? What would you keep or swap?


4 thoughts on “Subscription Box Insanity: Golden Tote Mystery Clothing Totes (Jan. ’15)

  1. Looks like you did not have much luck. Thanks for the review, it is interesting to see what people get. I got Lucky with a Woo Souvenir Shop black maxi dress.


    • Yeah. I think I will stick with their monthly offerings in future. Do you get a lot of the current totes? I had my eye on the orange gingham vest but I think I have a vest coming in my Stitch Fix box so held off.


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