Subscription Box Insanity: Orange Glad (Mar. ’15)

Orange Glad: Simply Sweet

Orange Glad: Simply Sweet

I’ve had my eye on the Orange Glad subscription service and finally (FINALLY!) I found a deal for it during this year’s Black Friday sales.

I’ve got a hideous sweet tooth which I try not to indulge.  But I’ve decided to make this sweet box work in my favor. I’ve resolved that I will make the sweets that come inside last and try to limit myself to only these sweets during the month, if I can. That seems reasonable, no?

Of course having to wait to write this review also means I won’t be ripping open the package to devour them as soon as they come in…guess that helps too. -grin- (See my other reviews for Orange Glad here.)

THE DETAILS: This box retails for $19.99 a month, which includes shipping. It ships only within the U.S. This box is non-refundable, unless an item arrives damaged. With my six-month box deal, I got each box for about $10.98.

First Look

First Look

Here’s the first look. As always, you get the cute packaging and a monthly themed explanation card. It’s March so there I’m hoping these two packages have some St. Patty’s day items!

Orange Glad Itty Bitties

Orange Glad Itty Bitties

First up are these fluffy -looking Orange Glad Itty Bitties shortbread cookies. I couldn’t find these on sale on their website so I’m going to guess they have a retail value of about $3.

Lark's Fine Foods Russian Tea Cakes

Lark’s Fine Foods Russian Tea Cakes

The next item is a sampling of Lark’s Fine Foods Russian Tea Cakes.  These aren’t my favorite  kind of cookies but I’m sure I’ll find someone else who’d like to try them. This is about a third of their normal serving so retail value is about $3.33.

Smackaroons Chocolate Almond Smackaroon

Smackaroons Chocolate Almond Smackaroon

This, on the other hand, is something that I can get behind! I love macaroons so Smackaroons Chocolate Almond Smackaroon looks scrumptious! Retail value is about $3.13.

Sweet E's Bake Shop: Kiss Me I'm Irish Cake Pop

Sweet E’s Bake Shop: Kiss Me I’m Irish Cake Pop

A cake pop! And of the holiday persuasion! -smile- This one is actually red velvet (yum!) and is from Sweet E’s Bake Shop. Retail value for one is $3.75.

Seattle Chocolates San Juan Sea Salt Truffle Bar

Seattle Chocolates San Juan Sea Salt Truffle Bar

The final item in this box is Seattle Chocolates San Juan Sea Salt Truffle Bar. I’ll be squirreling it away for future snacking! Retail value is $3.50.

All said and done, the value of this box was about $16.71. Better than last month, and above what I paid with the discount, but again, not quite break-even with what I would have paid without a discount. Still, fairly well pleased with this month’s box!

Did you order a box this month?



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