A Sailor’s Life for Me! (A Photo Essay)

As some of you have learned from past posts, I’m a bit of a work-a-holic. Back in February, after a particularly grueling stretch I sort of reached a breaking point. Right around that time I got a notice for a deal on a four-day, learn-to-sail trip. I’m not very coordinated or athletic. But I’m also from a land-locked area so the sea holds somewhat of a magical (and scary) fascination for me. In any case, I got my certification and had an amazing, tough, wonderful four days! I couldn’t get many pictures because I was too in the moment (and too busy) but here are a few from my adventures!

My text book...though no book can teach what you can only learn by doing!

My text book…though no book can teach what you can only learn by doing!




Dawn in all its beauty!



A pirate ship!




Subscription Box Insanity: Julep Mystery Polish Grab Bag (Aug. ’15)

Julep Maven box

Julep Maven box

I had been getting notices for awhile for the Julep Maven box. Though I’m not a nail polish fanatic, I finally decided to bite and I’m actually really glad I did!

Julep has their own product line which includes skincare and other items, with the main focus being the polish. They are supposed to be made with less harmful ingredients than other polishes and beauty items. After receiving my first box, I later found out that Julep will often put out special¬†edition “mystery” boxes. This review is for one of those. (See my other Julep reviews here.)

Let’s get this show on the road!

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