Subscription Box Insanity: ModCloth Stylish Surprise (Sep. ’15)

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

ModCloth is a women’s clothing and lifestyle company with a decidedly vintage bent. From my own perusals, it seems they focus mostly on shoes and dresses. However, I’ve also been able to pick up really cute wall prints from the site and I still have my eye on a few of their vintage (think 1940s/50s) style bathing suits!

A few times a year, they also have a mystery item sale known as “ModCloth Stylish Surprise“. These items are all final sale and depending on the time of year, will range from dresses and shoes to some of their lifestyle items, all sold at deep discounts. Costs for these mystery items range from $10-$20 and can have values of several hundred. These sales are always very popular and sell out quickly. So I was very excited to finally be able to pick up a few of these mystery items.

Let’s get to the unboxing!

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Subscription Box Insanity: Julep Maven (Sep. ’15)

Julep Maven box

Julep Maven box

I had been getting notices for awhile for the Julep Maven box. I finally decided to bite, though I’m not a nail polish fanatic.

Julep has their own product line and though it includes skincare and other items, the main focus is the polish. After receiving my first box, I later found out that Julep will often put out special edition “mystery” boxes.  (Find mystery box and other Julep reviews here.)

Now on to this month’s box:

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Book Review: Neverhome

Neverhome by Laird Hunt

Neverhome by Laird Hunt

I find myself often gravitating towards period/historical fiction, typically of the World War 1 or 2 eras. I picked this book because it was based in the American Civil War time frame; something different for me!

Neverhome was written by author Laird Hunt, and published in 2014. Mr. Hunt has written several other novels and books of short stories.

The main character and narrator of his story is Ash, a married woman with a farm in Indiana. (A fellow Midwesterner!) She is not very educated, both by her own admission, and as we are led to gather via her manner of speaking and delivery, which Mr. Hunt mimics in the writing.

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Why Silicon Valley Falls Short When It Comes To Education

STEM- and diversity in the STEM industry/arena- are topics near and dear to my heart. With the rising cost of higher education, and the often few opportunities for diverse young people to learn STEM or be exposed to STEM professionals, I find this proposal to diversify investments in new solutions and institutions that can provide opportunities to those who have been cut off from them to be worth considering. Thoughts?

Despite Silicon Valley billionaires’ remarkable track record of innovation, it appears they have decided to throw in the towel on higher education. Each..

Source: Why Silicon Valley Falls Short When It Comes To Education

Birthday Month 2015

It’s hard to believe, but Birthday Month 2015 is here! This blog was actually a product of last year’s birthday month and though I haven’t always been as faithful to it as I would like, I have experienced a lot of happiness in the writing of it and am looking forward to another year of the fun! Thank you, dear readers, who have joined me along the way!

If you weren’t with me last birthday month, then I’ll step back and explain that while I’ve always been fond of my Fall birthday, as I’ve grown older I’ve gone from a day, to a week, and now to a whole month of celebration!

I’d like to think that it’s not because I’m a youngest child and/or overly vain. Rather, it stems from something of the opposite. I’m kind of a work-a-holic and I don’t often take as much time as I should for self-care or to be with friends and family. So during birthday month, I make a really conscious effort to do something special to mark each day of the month.  Last year doing so left me with so many great memories and time spent with the ones I love.

This year birthday month will be a bit more hectic. I’m headed out of town for a while for my best friend’s wedding, which I’m really looking forward to. However, travel- especially across the country travel- can be a bit wearying. I think though that this just means that  it will be more important than ever to be very intentional about each day.  Here’s to September!