Subscription Box Insanity: Healthy Start Petbox (Jan ’15)

W in her Winter Gear

W in her Winter Gear

So far I’ve reviewed two special, limited edition Petboxes that I  ordered on their own. One to support the movement against domestic violence and abuse and the other was a holiday box. (They are kind of my favorite thing from Petbox!)

Petbox also put out a limited edition,  Healthy Start box for the new year that I paid $29.95 for. It came with lots of goodies to get W started off on the right paw!

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THE DETAILSPetbox caters to both dogs and cats (and even, possibly, other pets like pigs based on a line I read on their site). They do not currently ship outside of the U.S. and a single box from the deluxe plan (2-3 items a box) will run you $19.95 a month (includes shipping). Groupon recently had a deal, so I picked up the three-month deluxe subscription for $32.99 total- i.e. $10.99 a month. One difference with Petbox is that you can be surprised every month or you can hand-pick your items, so there seems to be quite a bit of flexibility. Especially for those of you with both dogs and cats since you can mix items for both pets in one box. Also, for each box shipped they donate a meal to a rescue animal; there is a place on their site for rescue organizations to sign up to be partners.

Healthy Start Limited Edition Petbox

Healthy Start Limited Edition Petbox



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