Subscription Box Insanity: BarkBox (Jan. ’15)

Meet Wednesday...& Bark Box!

Meet Wednesday…& BarkBox!

In case you were wondering if I was the only one partaking in the subscription box fun, the answer is a resounding no! Meet a beloved member of our little family, my fur-baby Wednesday!

There are a lot of great stories to tell you about Wednesday, and since I have you here as a captive audience, you will likely hear more than your fair share. Suffice it to say that she is a persnickety thing who is also possibly very spoiled. Here is the latest example, courtesy of dog-focused subscription service BarkBox!

(See my other BarkBox reviews here.)

THE DETAILS: BarkBox is for dogs only and allows you to somewhat personalize your monthly boxes based on the size of your pet. So Wednesday’s box is for larger dogs of course. It is normally $29 a month but I decided to get a full year subscription so with a coupon I had, got the boxes for about $17 a month. Not bad if you have a heavy chewer like we do. We’d spend at least that much a month on chewing bones, treats, and toys that die quick deaths so it saves us some time having them delivered to our door. The monthly price includes shipping and the box will ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. From what I can tell, the box is non-refundable though BarkBox will allow you to return a defective item for a replacement.

It’s so funny when a BarkBox comes in to the house because W, with her keen sense of smell, knows it’s something good and is all wagging stubby tale and doggy smiles!  January’s theme is Ice Age! Here’s what she received:

January BarkBox: Ice Age!

January BarkBox: Ice Age!



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