A Note on Reviews

At this time, I self-select and/or purchase all my subscription boxes, books, and recipes. If something is suggested to me, sent to me for review, etc. I will acknowledge that.

As it relates to the recipes, know that I am not a professional cook with a fancy “test kitchen” at my disposal. I’m a regular person. Also, I try to give the credit where it is due, so have opted in most cases to post only ingredient lists and link back to a full recipe at its source.

Vis a vis the subscription box items, whenever possible I do a reasonable search to find the lowest retail value for an item being reviewed. Not only does that aid me in providing a fair assessment of a box’s total value, but it gives you, dear readers, the added perk of hopefully snagging a deal on individual items that strike your fancy! (And I’m always happy to update a link if you find that something changes or is inaccurate…so feel free to ping me with the new info.)

PS: Hey, if you want to send me suggestions or items for review, by all means get in touch! =o)


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